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Do you want your company to be found for your products or services not just generally, but locally? Your business can be found online for a variety of terms and keywords by using Search Engine Optimisation, but you can also ensure you promote yourself in a specific region, town or city via our Local SEO services.

Using Google+ Local and Bing Local, you can make sure people in your region find your business when searching for locally based companies and services.

For example if a user decides to search for a plumbing company in the Bristol area then that user may type something along the lines of ‘Plumbers in Bristol’ or ‘Bristol plumbing’ into a search engine. goppc’s Local SEO marketing package you would be able to increase your visibility in the search engine results to that user. Local business SEO is the principle of making sure that your company is found by local users searching online.

A large percentage of mobile internet searches are for locally-based products and services. By taking advantage of our Local SEO package, you are ensuring that you are found by users who are on the move and searching for particular services in your area. Mobile searches also have a much higher conversion rate than other channels.

Optimising for Local is a vital SEO strategy for local businesses. Call us today on +91 9573154075 and discuss your needs with one of our Local SEO specialists.

How does it work?

As part of our Local SEO strategy goppc will:

  • Help you register and set up Google+ Local and Bing Local
  • Optimise your listing for better visibility with Google’s local search results
  • Ongoing submissions to high-quality and relevant local directories
  • Provide consultation and guidance to help you to gain positive reviews for your business, which also increases rankings And click-through rates.

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