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Mobile search is growing at a faster clip than desktop search, making Mobile Search Engine Optimization (Mobile SEO) critical for your future digital marketing success. Given that search results can differ by 86% between a smartphone and desktop for the same query, you cannot just assume that your historical SEO efforts are going to get the mobile results your business desires. Instead, you need forward-thinking SEO strategies and approaches in order to capitalize on the fast-growing opportunities in the mobile space.

Mobile SEO enables you to connect and engage with your target audience at the precise moment that they are searching for products, information and solutions. SEO captures your prospective customer’s thoughts and intent, exactly when they are receptive to your message. Mobile SEO takes this a step further than the desktop experience, as consumers use search in the very moments when they are eager to take action, whether in the car, in the store or around town.

At Resolution Media, we provide you with mobile-specific SEO recommendations custom-tailored to the mobile experience, driving more visibility on mobile devices, and accordingly more traffic and more conversions.

Our Mobile SEO services are comprehensive and effective:

Leveraging Insights

With a foundation rooted in Behavioral Analysis, Resolution leverages deep customer insights to understand your targeted audience segments at a level that drives connection, engagement and action. The bottom line is that we help you understand your customers more deeply than ever before. Learn more about ClearTarget™, our behavioral analysis methodology.

Optimizing Across Screens

Our SEO services span all forms of mobile, whether smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices.

Utilizing Technology

Our RM3 Reporting and Decision-Making Technology incorporates key performance indicators that go beyond standard position and click data to show the impact SEO is having on your overall business goals. With SEO as well as PPC reporting in one integrated tool, our team can assess your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) program holistically and determine the optimizations that will help maximize your visibility and lifetime value from each search results page.

Our Mobile SEO services include:

  • Customer Insights
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Strategy
  • Keyword Research
  • Technical Audit
  • Content SEO
  • Content Distribution
  • Link Building
  • Analytics & Analysis

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